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Proceeds from this years golf outing will go to benefit Edison Garcia. Edison will be 2 on June 20, 2019. He is the son of Erik and Rebekah (Bekah) Garcia and the grandson of Emerick and Cheryl Garcia, Pat Rivers and Bill Rivers. The fundraiser will help alleviate some of the financial burdens so his parents are able to focus on Edison as well as his siblings, Elynn 8, Eli 7, and his twin brother Easton. The entire Garcia family will warm your heart. Edison was definitely born into a loving and caring family. Thank you so much for reading Edison's story.


In Novemeber of 2016, the surprise of a lifetime came as Erik and Bekah Garcia found out they were pregnant with spontaneous triplets. In 9 months their family of 4 would become a family of 7. It would be in the coming months that they would learn just how high risk a multiple pregnancy would be. At 7 months an ultra sound (1 of the over the 50 ultra sounds), showed that baby B (Emerson) no longer had a beating heart. Doctors warned that the passing of baby B (Emerson) would likely cause neurological damage to his surviving identical, baby A (Edison).  As baby C(Easton), the fraternal, continued to thrive and show no cause for concern, it would continue to be a long road for baby A (Edison). Their surving two triplets were born at 38 weeks, on June 20, 2017. Looking healthy and happy, it would be a few months before Erik and Bekah would really see the developmental delays that affected baby A (Edison). As baby C (Easton), would continue to hit milestone after milestone, Edison would not. 


Edison is now nearing his 2nd birthday and is working hard to over come the affects of his brain damage and cerebral palsy.  He sees occupational, physical and speech therapists every week. They try and teach him to roll over, sit on his own, feed himself, sign and speak words to express his needs. Things that seem to come so easy and naturally to other kids are an every day struggle for Edison. A recent eye surgery helped Edison with his Strabismus and Esotropia. This is an issue with his right eye that would cause it to go inward. This successful eye surgery allowed Edison to chuck the once needed eye glasses. For his parents, it felt like a positive step in helping their son progress forward. Edison's parents are hopeful that with better sight, continued therapy, new leg braces, and taking advantage of every resource available to them, that Edison with be able to live life to his fullest.


The first thing you will notice when meeting Edison, is his unbelievably contagious smile. Through the many set backs and hurdles he faces one thing remains, his ability to smile through it all. He may not be following the same time line that most kids follow, but with his devoted parents, supportive siblings, loving family, motivated therapists, and a huge village behind him, they all have faith that he WILL one day catch up! 


The proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards his mediacl equipment and numerous therapies for him to continue to build strength and endurance. We sincerely thank you for your consideration and hope to see you on August 10th.

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