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Proceeds from this years golf outing will go to benefit Greyson Griepentrog and his family to help alleviate the financial burden so Greyson's parents (Tony & Krystle) are able to focus on Greyson (and his younger brother Asher) as Greyson recovers and rehabilitates from surgery.  Greyson is four years old.  He is the son of Krystle and Tony Griepentrog. We are pleased to tell you that you will have the special opportunity to meet Greyson at the event and we can assure you it will be “love at first sight!” Thank you so much for reading Greysons story.

Above is Greyson hard at work, relearning to walk again. GREAT JOB GREYSON!!!

Greyson has been diagnosed with spastic diplegia cerebral palsy. The spasticity (tone or tightness) in his legs continues to prevent Greyson from walking with ease. As his bones have grown, his muscles can’t keep up and his legs have gotten tighter and tighter. Despite the multiple therapies and at home stretching, doctors felt that it was time to take action. In January 2018, Greyson had a procedure called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy in which a small incision was made in his back to allow access to the spinal cord where the neurosurgeon found the nerves that trigger the tightness in his legs. Greyson’s team of doctors felt he was a great candidate for this surgery. He spent one month in the hospital after surgery in the inpatient rehab unit to re-train his body how to use his legs without all the muscle tone. He is now doing four outpatient therapies each week as it will take time for him to recover and build strength and endurance. Greyson’s loving parents, Tony and Krystle said “As parents, we want nothing more than our child to have every opportunity to live a normal life. Although scary, we were very hopeful that this procedure was the right step we needed to take for Greyson. His resilience, determination, strength and courage continues to amaze us each day. We are so hopeful that one day soon he will be able to walk again. We appreciate all of your care, concern, thoughts, prayers and help along the way! We know it takes a village and we feel ours is the best!” The proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards his medical equipment and numerous therapies for him to continue to build strength and endurance and allow him to walk independently again. We sincerely thank you for your consideration and hope to see you on August 25.

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